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Sports Court Marking in Wiltshire

With the advent of the London 2012 Olympic Games, sport is on the rise and as such demand is growing for sports facilities and sport courts. Be it an indoor basketball raceway or badminton court or an outdoor tennis court, five a side pitch or running track. at Preformed Markings South West Ltd we have the necessary expertise and equipment to provide and install your required facility.

Sports Courts Painting

We keep abreast of the individual sports requirements in terms of colour, size and dimension of a court, pitch or circuit and take advice from Sport England so can ensure you receive the exact measurements required by your sport. However we can scale a size to meet your requirements if say the area you would like to install is non standard.

Sports Court Marking in Wiltshire

Sports Courts

You will be kept fully informed of what to expect from us and what is expected from you to complete an installation including what materials we intend to use and how long an installation is expected to take. If necessary we will advise you of any health and safety regulations.

Our sports courts can be applied to practically any surface as we use a combination of materials and the courts can be temporary or permanent. So whether you're having a sports day that requires court markings for a short period of time or are installing a snazzy polka dotted tennis court. Here at Preformed Markings we can guide and advise you every step of the way.

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Feel free to contact us if you are installing a sports court and we will do our best to make our recommendations for your individual requirements.