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Anti Skid Surfacing Services

Anti Skid or Anti Slip surfacing can save lives or reduce the risk or serious accident and of course removing or limiting the impact of personal injury and third party accident claims on your insurance. It is used on walkways, bridges, and other pedestrian areas, cycle paths, bus lanes and certain sports courts and around swimming pools; particularly outdoor ones.

Anti Slip Surfacing

Anti Skid surfacing can be applied in virtually any colour and design and in a variety of textures. Private drives, hospitals, clinics and leisure centres are all places where you will typically find anti skid surfacing. It greatly improves grip, particularly in the wet so is ideal for some surfaces used in factories for increased safety.

Anti Skid Surfacing Services

Skid Surfacing Specialists

We use a calcine bauxite material that has proven gripping ability and can be applied hot or cold or simply painted on, we will advise what is best for you. The resin we use is a Thermoplastic screed. If you have any concerns as to whether or not you need anti skid surfacing please don't hesitate to contact us for advice. Please note that we can reinstate, repair or apply new installations of thermoplastic screed.

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