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School Playground Markings in Wiltshire

As we all know kids love to play and it is proven that playtime stimulates a child's imagination like nothing else. What is better than hearing a child's laughter? This is an area of our business we love the most. We can paint a hopscotch game in your playground shaped like a fire breathing dragon, how about a game of twister or a huge snakes and ladders game? Perhaps you can install a giant racetrack so you can spot the next Lewis Hamilton.

School Playground Painting

There are an infinite number of designs, sizes, games, educational ideas that can be used in a school playground, we can even paint your school logo and at Preformed Markings we would be only too pleased to offer help and advice and using our research and knowledge to advise what works best and what doesn't etc.

School Playground Painting
School Playground Painting

Playground Painting Services

Of course you may have a secondary school where a snakes and ladders game is not appropriate for the age levels of your pupils. In such cases we can provide services such as sports markings, and we do all this safely using the latest techniques and products and at a time and timescale to suit your school.

Why have a dull looking piece or tarmac or concrete, let Preformed Markings transform your playground into an interactive, inspiring, engaging and educational space for your pupils to play, enjoy and learn. We have the very latest catalogues of designs for you to flick through and decide what is best for your school's needs.

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