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Car Park Marking

A car park is the first thing your visitors see so it is vital to make that right 'first impression' yet, surprisingly, in the maintenance schedule of a building a car park is typically the last thing on the list of items to maintain and is often forgotten about completely. At Preformed Markings we can refresh an old faded car park back to its former glory, design and install the most appropriate layout for you new car park space or simply add a disabled sign to an individual bay (to regulatory standards).

Whether your car park has 2, 20, 2,000, or 20,000 spaces we can offer advice on how to ensure your car park uses most of the available space making it functional, organised and above all safe for both pedestrians and motorists alike.

Car Park Line Marking
Car Park Line Marking

Car Park Line Painting

A typical car park would include coloured pedestrian walkways, numbered or lettered car park bays, yellow disabled bays, pedestrian crossings and directional and exit markings. We not only paint, we consult and design. We want to ensure your car park is pleasant to use for your visiting clientele and can provide parent and child bays, drop off and pick up areas, staff bays, car valeting bays or loading bays, etc.

We can also remove any unwanted car park bays and install traffic calming bumps in car parks and signage indicating the speed limit.

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